Say Hello to The New Range of Cashmere Items

We already said that besides wool obtained from rare ship, we are also interested in cashmere wool and products that are made of cashmere.

Historically, cashmere has been used for clothes manufacturing for more than 1500 years. The wool is not yield from sheep, yet for goat more known as cashmere goat.

Cashmere Goats

Cashmere Goats. Image by Cruciani

The natural habitat of cashmere goat is Asia, or more specifically parts of Mongolia, Northern India, Iran, Afghanistan, and West China.

For centuries, production of cashmere wool in these countries and regions has been one of the major occupations of the locals, which is then bought by imperial powers and then sold in a form of cashmere products like sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves etc.

The price of cashmere is even higher than the price of merino because typically, Kashmir goat can produce around 4 ounces of cashmere fiber each year, making it extremely rare.
In order to produce one sweater, it needs the yearly produce of two cashmere goats. That’s strange right?

This exclusivity made us think that maybe cashmere wool and cashmere crafts is something that need to be featured on Devon Woollies website, and something that our visitors will love.

Starting from 2015, we present every beautiful thing that is made of this luxury material.

So stay tuned with Devon Woollies where fine crafts from sheep wool and cashmere goat wool are served to you.

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