Rare Sheep in United Kingdom

Here is a list of UK’s rare sheep. Enjoy!

North of England Mule

North of England Mule

This medium- sized crossbred sheep, sired by the Bluefaced Leicester, has a Swaledale or Northumberland type Blackface dam.

The Mule ewe has the ability to produce and rear prolific crops of lambs under any system.



Portlan is one of England’s rarest breeds.  Portlands are small. They are free of wool on the face and lower legs, which are tan.

Rough Fell

The Rough Fell is an exceptionally docile sheep that excels in hardiness and has no equal in its power to exist under adverse conditions.

Devon Closewoo

Devon Closewool
The Devon Closewool is a medium sized, white faced, hornless sheep with a dense white fleece of medium length and staple which contributes to its valued quality of hardiness. The wool of the Devon Closewool is ideally suited to the home spinner and also modern manufacturing processes. It should contain no black fiber, and therefore commands a premium price.

Shetland Sheep

shetland sheep
Shetland Sheep is famous because of the superb wool quality and the range of colors, but also because i’s smallest of the British breed. Most of Devon Woollies’ products are made of colored Shetland Sheep.